I was going to research this topic and present it myself… and probably still will, but thought this was so well done it deserved a reblog!

Wbmoore's Biblical Insights

Messianic Christian Rabbi made the statements, “eating pork is sin,” “”All foods are clean, BUT pork is NOT food – food is only what is described as food in Leviticus 11”; and  “Mark 7 has not a thing to do with the dietary commandments. Plainly, if you read the passage IN ITS ENTIRETY, it says it is about RITUALISTIC HAND-WASHING, not the dietary commandments.”

First let me say that mankind has found at least some benefit for following at least some of the dietary laws. However, this brings up the question of whether Christian should keep Torah (observe the laws given in the Mosaic Law), and if so, what parts and why. I believe the Torah tells us what God considers sin, but I do not think we are required to follow all the law. I will expound on why in a future article. In this article, we…

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