About the Author

"Daniel Lovett"

I am a follower of Christ, an author, and a musician.

Though I have been a “Christian” for many years, I must admit that most of the time I often find myself running or hiding from what I most crave and desperately need.. namely, God and his love. I don’t pretend for a moment to be a better Christian than anyone else.

I still struggle with faith and how faith is supposed to look. I know it has everything to do with Jesus and love, and that the Holy Spirit is absolutely vital and central. I also feel at times that this life with Christ is a quest with many troubles and dangers. It is frightfully more dangerous story that we are in than anyone ever told me at the outset. Any “true” adventure would be, wouldn’t it? But, on second thought, how much more frightfully dangerous would it be not to have Jesus? I don’t know what I’d do without him!

This blog is about the adventure of discovering Jesus and the quest to follow him who forged the path to true life and true love. I have found that the epic rescuing story of Jesus is far more compelling and relevant to you and I than we give it credit. So let’s give it some credit. Here’s to You Jesus, May we join you in your unfolding redemption story and be your true padawans (“star wars” for “disciples”).

Here are a few writers who have inspired me to pursue writing myself:

Donald Miller was among the first to help me to realize that the Christian experience doesn’t have to completely suck and that reality, with all it’s flaws and heartache, really is a beautiful thing.  ”Reality is like fine wine. Not readily appreciated by children.” (Blue Like Jazz – Donald Miller)

I can’t think of an author I trust more than Philip Yancey. He dares to explore and share the truth about issues that speak to us all. I have read 6 out of the 20 books he has written. He too has comforted my soul and helped me gain a whole new appreciation for God as a person. I now have a growing desire to be a good friend to God thanks to all his wonderful thought provoking insights on matters of faith and God.

Though I may disagree with her about a thousand different things, I can also relate to Anne Lamott as she shares about her heart, her life and her struggle. Her honesty and her way with words inspires me.

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