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Messianic Christian Rabbi made the statements, “eating pork is sin,” “”All foods are clean, BUT pork is NOT food – food is only what is described as food in Leviticus 11”; and  “Mark 7 has not a thing to do with the dietary commandments. Plainly, if you read the passage IN ITS ENTIRETY, it says it is about RITUALISTIC HAND-WASHING, not the dietary commandments.”

First let me say that mankind has found at least some benefit for following at least some of the dietary laws. However, this brings up the question of whether Christian should keep Torah (observe the laws given in the Mosaic Law), and if so, what parts and why. I believe the Torah tells us what God considers sin, but I do not think we are required to follow all the law. I will expound on why in a future article. In this article, we…

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Joshua, the Power in God’s Word! Hearing from God

“Be strong and courageous!” God tells Joshua. Three times he tells him to be strong and courageous, and then he adds, “Do not be afraid or discouraged. For the LORD your God is with you wherever you go.”

I remember an occasion when I was praying to God a while ago. To be honest with you, in that moment I was asking him to forgive me and I felt like a worm groveling before him. Then I heard him speak these words to my heart: “Be a man.”

His words had an instant effect on me. In that moment, it was as if I grew a spine. All of a sudden I had a boldness and courage in my heart that I lacked just moments before.

This is what I imagine went on in Joshua’s heart in these moments that the LORD was speaking with him. Joshua was likely feeling overwhelmed, timid, and afraid at the prospect of leading all of Israel by himself in the wake of Moses abscence. This same God who had spoken all the world, the sun, stars, and moon into existence with just a word, is now speaking courage into the heart of Joshua.

Have you ever had God speak to your heart and actually have what he spoke to you effect you in this way? Tell me about it! Leave a reply below!

Dear God, I pray that you would speak into our hearts what we need to face the challenges that lay before us. We open our hearts to recieve your word of love, encouragement, boldness, or strength. We are encouraged to know that you go before us and that you are with us as we follow you Jesus. All glory and power are yours!