Islam & Mormonism, an answer in the Word of God

I was watching the following video and it reminded me of a story in the Bible which gives us a clear answer in regard to two world religions: Islam and Mormonism

Here is the video:

So, a guy in a cave comes along and claims, “an angel told me so” who then says that Jesus didn’t die on a cross, there was no resurrection, and God doesn’t have a Son… and we’re just supposed to believe him at the risk of our everlasting soul?

The Bible warns us about listening to anyone who ever comes along telling us, “an angel told me so” and illustrates this with a story in 1 Kings 13 (Click on link to read it)

Done reading it yet?

ok… sorry to interrupt. I’ll wait till you’re finished.

So… as you can see from this text, God is warning us here to disregard anything from Mohammed and Joseph Smith or anyone else who comes along telling them an angel told me so.

But didn’t Moses have an encounter with an angel that led him to go on a rescue mission for the captive nation of Israel? This story has one striking difference however, this angel (“messenger”) was in fact God himself who reveals his name as “I AM”.  He supported Moses and his message with signs and wonders that only the all powerful Creator God could perform. (See Exodus 3)

What proof or signs did Mohammed or Joseph Smith bring? None that I know of. But even they had many awe inspiring signs, this wouldn’t make it true. Even the antiChrist will have a “resurrection” though he blasphemes the only true God.

Did Mohammed or Joseph Smith prophecy a future event and then have any of their prophecies come true? Look it up.

But again, if we were only looking for signs without considering the truth and purity of the message we are also in danger of being deceived by the coming Antichrist who will perform many signs and wonders:

“For false messiahs and false prophets will appear and perform great signs and wonders to deceive, if possible, even the elect.” Matthew 24: 24 NIV

God allows false prophets to test us. To see if our faith is genuine.

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