The Bible in 90 Days Reading Challenge!

90 day Bible Reading ChallengeWho doesn’t love a good challenge? I sure do! So I am challenging you to read the Bible in 90 days!

Some of us need goals to accomplish anything at all. Goals are good for us!

The Challenge:

  1. Start reading! Why not start today? You may choose to tackle all 66 books of the Bible in 66 days as I have done before (not too difficult at an average 22 chapters a day) or read it in 90 days (16 chapters a day), or just choose a plan that’s right for you! There is nothing like experiencing the word of God for yourself! Here is a 90 day reading plan that you can print out and check off: (90 day reading plan) Or you may consider reading through it in a year (1 year reading plan)
  2. Read prayerfully asking God to reveal himself to you by the Holy Spirit through his book. There’s nothing like having the author of the word whispering in your ear along the way revealing himself to you and showing you how you fit into the story he is still telling.
  3. Obey what you read. This is by far the most important part of the process. We must obey what God would have us do.
  4. Blog about it! Why not? Perhaps you will inspire others to dig into the word for themselves. The blog doesn’t have to fit any mold. God made you unique and you have something to contribute in a way that no one else ever could. (Perhaps you are a musician and want to write a song about what your reading, or paint a picture, or write a poem). You have insights that no one else would see, so why not share them?

I met Martha at a local nursing home who had carved out two weeks of her life to read through the Bible. She said it was the best choice she had ever made. I had also given her a large print Gospel of John a while ago and she read through it so many times it was falling apart. This is so inspiring. So what is keeping you from the most important thing you could be doing with your time?

4 thoughts on “The Bible in 90 Days Reading Challenge!

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